Description: An action cue with fast, intense, explosive percussion leading into a mellow but driving conclusion.

Description: A sweet and memorable piano melody that leads into the full orchestra with sweeping strings.

Description: Subtle electronic drum beats lead into expansive string swells creating a dramatic and intense mood.

Description: Pop rock, plucked acoustic guitar with soft drums,

Description: Piece transitions through several styles, gentle/mysterious, aggressive, driving groove, all with memorable melodies.

Description: Frightening, starts quiet and scary, builds into epic section with choir and returns to the mellow quiet of a graveyard.

Description: Harpsichord-like plucked 12-string guitars, starts mellow, gradual build with rich, thick textures.

Description: Epic, starts mellow, grows to very intense, returns to very mellow, long angelic or oceanic ending.

Description: Very dark, mellow smooth verse sections, intense heavy chorus sections, epic bridge with grand Chopin-like piano soaring above crashing drums, heavy guitars and huge organs.

Description: Begins with solo choir, lush harmonies, mellow, emotional, progresses to long epic build, exciting climax with soaring guitars, explosive drums, powerful organs.