Description: A mesmerizing military suspense track. Full of tension, twists and raw power. Featuring orchestral percussion, strings, horns and field drums. Perfect for criminal movies ant thrillers.

Description: Dark and enchanting orchestral score full of nostalgy and irony. Featuring a full orchestra, cello, piano and Fender Rhodes. Can be used as a film theme.

Description: Straight forward and a bit angry. Full of ambition. Perfect for comedies and children movies. Featuring confident drums rhythm and frantic piano bass line.

Description: Careful and mysterious. An orchestral track with cautious and curious progression. Featuring orchestral strings, celesta, piano, percussion and santoor

Description: Offended but yet hiding devious thoughts underneath its tears. Great little tune for comedies.

Description: Massive spy cinematic theme with a Middle eastern touch. It's a night action scene In the middle east when something lurks under the radars, aiming to infiltrate and strike hard!

Description: Playful and warm tune. Jazzy drums with a positive electric piano melody. Suitable for cartoons.

Description: It's like taking a trip into an old house where all the furniture speak its own language. Perfect for comedy and black humor.

Description: A hip hop beat with pleasant ambient arpegios and pizzicato strings.

Description: A cinematic dramatic piece. Very determined and action like. Fast strings with energetic drums. Great for action scenes and dratmatic corporative movies.