Description: A score for a black and white film. Cat fight is a scene between two woman fighting over a the style of 1920's cinema - no words - just the music to give it meaning!

Description: In the Style of a TV Action Drama (a little like Giacchino) this piece is definitely pacey with a percussive drive both in percussion instruments and orchestral instruments. Fitting for any action scene - it has a slower start and slightly faster middle to end.

Description: Horror music that starts quiet and eerie and builds to climax

Description: Pacey and grows into a rhythmic mix of electronic and orchestral mash!

Description: Dramatic staccato strings and brass - with melody

Description: Starts off quiet and builds to an awesome climax and a subtle aftermath tone

Description: Avante-garde type music, Fun and yet an uneasy feel to it

Description: Electric and Dance-like Orchestral Score

Description: Edgy beginning up to 35 seconds then strings and wind more contemplative