Description: This music was written in 2009. Then I still did not go smoothly. There were so many difficulties in life. And she vividly conveys my mood at the time. Modulations, dissonances. This music is very clearly lie on the film, and I wrote it specifically for a feature film where the protagonists have been forced into a dead end, did not know how to get out of this situation. Uncertainty, tragedy, psychology. If this film is more psychological. One of my favorite tracks.

Description: The mirror is an inwardness of each person. Each person is capable of different acts both on плохме and on the good. As all people are subject to emotions, psychological failures

Description: Each person was first love. In some she is the only and last a lifetime, others just a fleeting feeling. But it's always very emotional and always leaves yuolshie feelings and impressions. This topic can be developed indefinitely. and music also can be used absolutely everywhere, execute any projects in television, internet projects, advertising, websites, and elsewhere.

Description: Night city..flashing lights, speed, feelings..everything is connected. Melodic and expressive electronic track.

Description: Light and shadow. Sweet song of the devil, and dive into hypnosis. Beyond. Unusual mysterious harmony of light makes the chords relax and reflect on who we are in this world and why. Vivid cinematic music. Can be used for a large set of media

Description: Emotional sensual music. Here disappointment in life, people struggle with themselves. Negative. But it is here reflected the strength of human will, which all can stand in this life.

Description: Iron heart. In my understanding we are talking about a robot that feels like a man. Each of us dreamed that someday robots will be on a par with people and they will have their minds. In general, each the music will speak about their history. Suitable for movies, websites, games and other

Description: The epic and lyrical music. A love story. Unrequited love. Good always triumphs over evil, and therefore real love there are no barriers. at the end of this work isvidno.Dumayu everyone remembers their first love when I listen this music. Very suitable for the music to filmam.Schaste and misfortune, good and evil, hatred, andcompassion - all is in this music.

Description: Powerful product with a symphony orchestra. Here are interwoven with mixed feelings, joys and sorrows, will power, war and kindness, drama and humanism.