Description: Lively and various track for solo piano, classical style, with some changements of mood. Suitable for films, videos and background.

Description: Inspirational and mlancholic track for solo piano, classical style, suitable for films, videos and background.

Description: Melancholic and sad track for solo piano, classical style, suitable for films, videos and background

Description: Sweet and romantic looped track that recalls the dreamy atmosphere of japanese anime. Piano protagonist,softly accompanied by strings, flue and oboe.

Description: An exciting looped track, irish folk style, full of color and passion, with the typical sound of the bagpipes and the violin in the foreground, accompanied by a powerful and incessant rhythm. Strongly cinematic, perfect soundtrack for movies and documentaries.

Description: This is an orchestral track, contemplative atmosphere of poignant intimacy. Featured the song of the violin, which is interwoven with oboe and clarinet on a background of string. Suitable as soundtrack or as inspirational background.

Description: Dramatic, intimate and sad track, strongly cinematic charachter. Over a background of strings, stands out the majestic and poignant classic guitar solo. Suitable for projects with strong personality.

Description: Romantic track for solo piano, with passionate outbursts alternated with moments dreamy. Cinematic ambience and passionate moods for your films, videos, media projects..

Description: Intimate classical track, strongly cinematic character suitable for dramatic and romantic films and videos. The instrumentation includes piano, strings, cellos, pizzicato cellos, harp, flute, horn, flute.

Description: Gloomy and dramatic atmosphere , supported by a relentless rhythmic base. The harmonic structure, classically baroque, is expressed in a modern blend of acoustic, electric and electronic instruments. Ideal for video and multimedia projects that require a tense and dark ambience.