Description: Carnival Relaxed Adventurous Reflective Sensitive Fun

Description: mysterious, dark with bass, synths, and chimes

Description: Crime Scene Mystery Drama Synth Drums Alternate Mix

Description: Light Suspenseful Action Drama With Electric Guitar

Description: Repetitive Percussive Determined Powerful

Description: Dramatic Adventure Bold Building Aggressive

Description: mysterious, dark with guitar, synth pads, breakbeat

Description: Drama, Drama-Action, Drama-Adventure, Drama-Danger, Drama-Epic, Drama-Sci Fi, Drama-Suspense, Drama-Tension, Cinema, Classical, Suspense, Swirling, Tension, International, Intrigue, Freaky, Flowing, Expressive, Exotic, Sinister, Ethereal, Esoteric, Dynamic, Edgy, Eerie, Dreamy, Dreary, Confident, Dark, Dangerous, Breathy, Bouncy, Bold, Big, Moody, Menacing, Mysterious, Ominous, Pulsing, Airy, Alienating, Alluring, Atmospheric, in a Mysterious, Poignant, Reflective mood, featuring Drone, Effects, Synth, Strings, Vocals, Choral, Brass, with a Slow tempo