Description: This epic orchestral film trailer music can be used to promote your project in grand fashion. It begins with a sweeping intro, pounding drums, and fast violin passages. It then evolves into full orchestral hits that bring you to a rising crescendo and ends with a bass-filled heart pounding hit. Perfect for movie trailers, video games, youtube videos, or any type of promotional video!

Description: Very power and energetic music composition. Movie trailer music, cinematic drums, music for operations, battle scene music, orchestral percussion, Taiko drums. Excellent for pulsating action scenes, historical and war films, trailers, pounding chase sequences, perfect for background music.

Description: Hopeful, exciting, and inspiring string piece

Description: Epic orchestral piece. Simple glockenspiel expands into flowing strings. Hopeful and uplifting.

Description: Bright, powerful, inspiring and gentle heroic Saga. Heroic Epic cinematic trailer. piano, orchestra, epic trailer, powerful, uplifting, victory, tragic, heroic trailer, emotional, full orchestra, cinematic trailer, tenderness, sadness, grief, battle, invasion, scoring games, fantasy, sci-Fi, alarm, battle field, blockbuster, epic piano,inspiring, inspirational, inspired, inspiration, royalty free, cinematic music, filming,

Description: bouncy staccato strings throughout with full orchestral accompaniament.

Description: Dynamic adventure music, powerfull theme and dynamic drums

Description: The moving rousing & soaring strings are peaceful & calm yet intensely optimistic & uplifting. The searching piano & emotive harp are compelling & building. The smooth earthy organic percussion is breathtaking, lively & vibrant. Dreamy, soothing & serene yet empowering, captivating & thrilling.