Description: Light,playfull,romantic,positive,joyful.

Description: Things are moving like a river. Whatever comes goes and passing by. You just a witness in this life.Soft and dreamy orchestral soundtrack with harp notes throughout, oboe melody over, subtle and sweet,relax,Rainy day,wonderful piece,send me an angel,warm music,sentimental music

Description: Light,playfull,romantic,positive,joyful.

Description: Beautiful emotional piano music in medium tempo. Inspired by Einaudi piano music and similar beautiful emotional mood as in Amelie soundtrack. Great as emotional background in a sad romantic drama, soft peaceful nature film, emotional documentary, slide show, presentation, relaxing meditation music, people at a cafe, strolling, walking, talking, reflections by the window, soothing calming atmosphere scene etc. “Emotional Piano” is minimal, reflective emotional piano music with a very smooth sad beautiful piano melody for film video projects. Emotional piano music for atmospheric emotional background settings walking,Amelie, easy, moving, sad, atmosphere, atmospheric, background, music, soothing, beautiful, piano, calming, cinematic, classical,documentary,minimal, emotional, drama, dreamy emotional piano,, einaudi, film, love, meditation classical piano, music, strolling, minimalistic, peaceful, nature, video, nostalgic presentation, reflective,relaxing music, romantic, sad piano, sentimental, simple, soft, solo piano slide show, slideshow,, relaxing, soundtrack, talking, calm

Description: A slow starting dramatic orchestral track with huge epic drums, soft piano, and heavenly deep strings with a feeling of a large environment.

Description: Scary into panic, fear and attack, disturbing atmosphere becomes darker, sudden stabs, then slows again to quiet ending,evil build up.

Description: Prepare to enter battle with this tense, epic, cinematic track. Starting with percussion and gradually building with brass, strings, snare drum and even some war cries. Perfect for movies, video games and tv dramas ranging from ancient times through to futuristic Star Wars type battle scenes

Description: Ambient synth present a very cold reality, and plucked guitar keeps a sense of movement. Contemplative, would work well for dealing with loss.

Description: Solo Piano with Strings. This very sad piece begins with solo ;Piano played with soft classical feel. The song moves to a place where there is hope, and healing. Cellos,violins, and viola, add to the listening experience, to provide a somber and emotional mood for video production!

Description: Fits for many projects, documentary,corporative,movies,web.