Description: Music in best Hollywood traditions - Hans Zimmer (Da Vinci Code), Steve Jablonsky, Two Steps from Hell etc.

Description: Macabre woodoo-like march with tom toms, suspenceful strings and evil bells.

Description: Peculiar robo-voiced female vocal track with a lyrical cute melody.

Description: Western whistle theme, with a catchy whistle melody.

Description: Western whistle theme, with catchy whistle melody. Also a great orchestra twist in the middle. :)

Description: Short romantic piano track for romantic cinema products, trailers, commercials, TV etc.

Description: Fast epic action choir & orchestra soundtrack in a modern style. For all kinds of epic cinematic products.

Description: Big uplifting action piece with full orchestra, powerful drums and victorious choir. Starting with uplifting short strings and ending with a victorious choir finale. For all kinds of cinematic trailers, game trailers, chase scenes, sport videos, success videos and other cinematic products.

Description: 40 sec epic choir track for dramatic trailers, intros, logos, openings, commercials etc. Grand and monumental.

Description: Positive track in inspiring mood featuring piano and strings. Good for advertising or motivational video.