Description: Bright and cheerful, featuring a joyful piano chords, warm synths and glockenspiel that create a peaceful and positive mood.

Description: Sensitive piano background music. Ideal for your media.

Description: Epic cinematic royalty free background music. Strong, powerful, thrilling atmosphere. Ideal for trailer, films, video games, etc.

Description: Short sentimental piano royalty free background music. Ideal for your media.

Description: Mysterious ambient track with guitar and sweeping synth pads. Very spacious and atmospheric.

Description: Intense, dramatic & big cinematic action thriller featuring full orchestra. On the edge, waiting for the moment the killer strikes. Full of movement & atmosphere, with dramatic strikes & epic movie tense orchestrations. Perfect for horror, thriller, action & dangerous moments. Various mixes, 60sec, 30sec & stings

Description: Magical, cinematic, child-like fantasies, from a forest underworld inhabited by elves and fairies to wondrous castles filled with memories of past childhoods. Opens with minimal celesta and gradually builds, then dissolves away. Light Orchestra & choir. Various cuts and mixes including 60sec, 30sec & stings

Description: Mischievous, whimsical & inquisitive light orchestral waltz, featuring pizzicato strings & woodwinds. Great accompaniment for movement & light activity, dramedy with a comic if slightly hesitant feel & quirky characters. Perfect for Reality TV, dramedy TV or comedy. Main mix, Underscore, 60sec & 30sec

Description: Heartfelt, nostalgic and characterful solo trumpet version of the traditional song composed by Joseph Ascher in 1861. This solo brass arrangement is lyrical and comical, typical of the Lancashire and Yorkshire area of England. In fact it was used as the theme to the BBC's 'Open All Hours' sit com.

Description: Inquisitive, hesitant, with more than a little intrigue. When theres nothing to do but wait with time passing by, just keep busy. Up-tempo, light activity, minimal orchestral, with a strong sense of dramedy & perfect for reality TV. Feeling a little nervous & apprehensive. Lots of edit points. Main, 30sec, stings, stagers & bridge