Description: Eerie. Ambient. Beautiful. Featuring orchestra, synths, piano, and an array of spooky texture, this elegant and beautiful piece works for a wide variety of styles and situations. Whether you need mystical background underscore, beautiful and haunting melodies, or just want a vague and unsettled feeling, this interesting and unique cue will work for you.

Description: Peaceful, serene, and powerful piece for pianos, synthetic instruments, and strings. Builds from a simple piano ostinato, but remains unobtrusive. Perfect if you need a modern style underscore that will keep your audience's attention and convey your message.

Description: Gorgeous, full, haunting music for orchestra written in the cinematic style. Piano-driven and simple, this music is full of wonder, joy, and a sense of epic fulfillment. To see this music on video, check out Doug Urqhat's Wonderment:

Description: Haunting, gorgeous cinematic music featuring piano and orchestral. Epic and memorable, this music can give your trailer that unforgettable feeling and will be sure to stick in the ears of the audience.

Description: Heartwarming piece for orchestral that works well in a variety of context. Perfect if you need that family-friendly, cinematic sound reminiscent of film scores or promotional materials.

Description: Ominous, militant music written as a backdrop for in-game menus or subtle credit sequences. Featuring ominous strings, heroic brass, and snare, this piece works perfectly in any project that needs a military-style underscore. This piece is easily loopable, with about 1.5 seconds of reverb maintained so that the loop sounds realistic and not forced, or, if you want to move to a new cue, so that the transition is smooth. With a modern sound, this cue is great for anyone that needs a flexible yet understated military piece

Description: Soft lullaby featuring piano, strings, pulses, and synths. Beautiful, modern, and touching, this music is great in ads, commercials, trailers, films, documentaries and games. Lush vocals round out the beautiful harmony/melody combination and provide a beautiful backdrop.

Description: Ethereal piano, beautiful sampled vocals, and unforgettable synths are the main meat of this beautiful stock track. Unique in its style and structure, the cinematic melodies and gradual evolution of this music is perfect for documentaries, ads, trailers, or even video games. A soft undercurrent of melancholy feeds an active string section and ever-present piano line.

Description: Crunchy, modern, distorted drums and guitar support fat orchestral hits and brassy melodies in a modern twist on old spy movie style scores. Parody projects will be greatly enhanced by this score, and it works well for ads and spots that want to amp up the espionage.

Description: Elegant, ambient, cinematic piano and strings. Beautiful, haunting, and powerful, this poignant melody repeats ands builds slowly, with deep, full strings underneath. Works great as underscore or background music, evoking feelings of open, starry skies.