Description: Perfect for trailer, video game, film, movie.

Description: Very emotional soundtrack for your video projects!

Description: This epic track is perfect for trailer, video games and films.

Description: Giving a positive feeling to your media project.

Description: Romantic / dramatic music.This track is perfect for your media projects.

Description: A soft and emotional.This track may be incorporated into various types of media projects like : commercials, advertisements, film/television and wedding videos .

Description: This song is created for motivational and inspirational works, such as presentations, advertising, video for youtube, commercial Projects, slideshows, infographics, documentaries, blogs, TV and radio media products and many others. This track will give light emotions and good mood to you projects and will be great addition for your work!

Description: Sad music.This track is perfect for your media projects.

Description: Sweet and beauty cinematic audio with elegant classical guitar. Excellent for score your wedding video, ident, opener, trailer, teaser or valentines day and just for calm mood.

Description: Soothing, sensual and reflective piece with emotional piano lines and strings.Its mood is very inspirational, refined and evokes the feelings of success and accomplishment. Great for commercials, business and corporate uses, advertisement, films, videos, podcasting, viral marketing or any project that requires a sophisticated and poignant sonic backdrop and much more.