Description: harp melody over strings and occasional percussion

Description: an acoustic guitar instrumental that's kind of a folk blues combination with a little harmonica in the background.

Description: Except from Charles L. Johnson’s Dill Pickles Rag (1906). Great for any project where you need immediate silent movie comedy.

Description: slow, lyrical, beautiful but deadly-a small seed from another planet spins slowly through space as it approaches earth.

Description: This modern epic 2 part film trailer begins with big drums, percussion, piano and strings with a mysterious and heartwarming nostalgic feeling theme which builds to a dramatic transition into an energetic band that takes us to a climatic conclusion. Great for any video or projects that needs compelling and emotional cue that takes the listener on a musical journey.

Description: fretless bass mournful groove with great choppy rhythms.

Description: loud and percussive, it was written with an explosion in mind. it is rhythmic and big orchestral, and then quiets down to piano.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill.The musical composition with piano, oboe. It’s medium, experimental, classical, rock, thrillers. The mood of music is: time to decide what to do, chance and risk

Description: slow ambient underscore with piano.

Description: Sad, meditative and theatrical style underscore, with a suggestive, piano melody which is later accompanied by strong rhythmic patterns on drums and by the orchestral instruments to create a suspenseful, epic, cinematic atmosphere. Very good for mysterious, sad, serious, atmospheric presence etc. scenes in drama genres.