Description: Simple in its aggressive approach, “Angry Anthrax” is a gritty, lo-fi, soundtrack for those who live in the Underworld – the pariahs of society, who plot the downfall of the living. Dark and angry, this is the perfect track for suspenseful horror flicks – or any moment that needs some intensity.

Description: Deeply grungy and gritty, “Altered” is the intense track for all your horror or suspense needs. Layers of lo-fi synths and percussion tell of the horrific altered reality in which the undead walk. Violent and aggressive, this industrial track can lead you down some dark roads.

Description: This modern, drum-heavy synth track is layered with orchestrations designed to get your blood pumping.

Description: Simple but deeply emotional, “To Say Goodbye” is the perfect intimate piece for crying. Fear not! This is a piano piece with violin and a delicate harp in the back.. It’s not pure sadness, as there is a sense of hope and growth toward a better future.

Description: Dynamic and moving, “The Winner’s Path” is the music that beats in the heart of every successful endeavor. Short, sweet, and to the point, this piece is a stirring and emotionally inspiring track – designed to make you feel the sense of victory as you cross the finish line. Perfect for corporate or motivational projects – or even a moment where you need a sense of epic adventure… Either way, you’ve already won.

Description: Dark and mystical, “Sneaking Into the Castle” is a great suspense track for all your horror or thriller needs. Imagine, if you will, sneaking around an enchanted, magical castle at night – expecting doom and ghouls around each corner. Heavy in woodwinds, this track is cinematic enough for any dark project – and quirky enough for Halloween.

Description: Beautiful and ethereal, “In Dreams” is a surreal, but calming track full of wonder. This is perfect for any dream sequence, slo-mo shot, or moment of mystery and awe… This track can also double as a space themed bed of music.

Description: Percussive and ambient at the same time, “Zombies Go Uhhhhh” is dark voice of the undead. Great for haunted house background noise or any dark, creepy moment in your horror or thriller flick, this track will add intensity to nearly any shot…. Speaking of shots, on zombies, always aim for the head.