Description: Piano, strings, flutes and percussion trade motifs before building to lush final chord a la Golden Age of Hollywood. Suggested for "happily ever after" effect.

Description: Lyrical compositions in classical style with some elements of jazz. Exciting harp arpeggios surely will impress the listener. Sly melodies weave in the party will help to reveal any artist's conception in which there is the theme of rain. In this composition you can hear the harp, stringed instruments, as well as bass and drums. The composition is suitable for the decoration of the slide - show, movie, video love letters.

Description: Romantic composition is characterized by memories of the past. Before the eyes of the listener may experience picture containing mountains, rivers, sea, forest, sky, space. During the sound compositions you can hear the guitar solo in overdrive. Harmonic sounds are filling pads, violins. All this creates a feeling of flight. Also adds a kind of color ethnic instruments in the shock of the party.

Description: Aggressive, epic and powerful hybrid ident for trailers/openers/intros. Thanks for listening! Instruments: heavy beats, bass, distortion guitar, strings, violins, and synths.

Description: This inspirational and dramatic track is emotional and cinematic with vibes of hope, triumph, rising above and conquering. Perfect for youtube videos, military documentaries about war heroes, epic stories etc, dramatic movie trailers, action films, powerful tv promos, inspiring advertisements and anything where you need an epic and moving underscore.

Description: Reflective and contemplative, layered piano slowly escalates alongside various orchestral elements. A sudden break in sound makes way for a natural and calming conclusion of solo piano and female choir.

Description: An emotional yet soothing piano ensemble over a light flute backdrop. Evokes a calming, sentimental and positive mood. Great for background soundtrack or upfront on its own.

Description: A story told through solo piano, perhaps missing a loved one, or simply expressing emotions for the one they're with. Great for background productions or up front on it's own.

Description: Cheerful positive track. Funny comedy. I'm big, but I go on tiptoe.

Description: Funky orchestral spy theme for action scenes. Very percussive with strong brass and bass. Perfect for film trailers.