Description: A Dramatic movie soundtrack with choir,strings and piano. Sad, defeated, lost and sorrowful. Melodic, harmonic and intense. Hurt, touching and very emotinonal. Have an atmosphere of middle eastern world. It can be used for movies, video games, tv shows and animations. Very dramatic ending and surprising finale.

Description: Very soft long chord strings for dramatic scenes. Track conveys a sad feeling of being lost. Dynamic volume and tempo add to this dramatic effect. Very calm strings, combined with emotional and touching background choral vocals.Ideal for ending credits. Related as Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Sad Music, Movie Theme, strings ensemble, dramatic soundtrack, film soundtrack, background music, chillout, ambient music, soundscape, dark orchestral.

Description: Cinematic orchestral film score blended with strigns ensemble and female background voice. Ideal as an opening logo music.

Description: Suitable as background instrumental soundtrack for movies, video games and documentaries.Sad melodic structure with choir, brass , and guitar.Uplifting and emotional.Reverbed drum kits with cymbals.Intense nostalgia conveys the feeling of sadness to the extreme.Perfect for Film Backgrounds as orchestral & cinematic music.

Description: A dreamy atmospheric film score. Innocent, emotional, dramatic. Ideal for cinematic movies, tv show or videos.

Description: A dramatic uplifting orchestral film score as a movie soundtrack.

Description: Epic Fantasy Trailer 3 is perfect for any fantasy based media, filled with strings, brass, percussion, rich ambience and lush vocals.

Description: This underscore is an amazing, suspense generator, perfect for your next drama/action/adventure. Your audience will be sitting on the edge of their seat with a knot in their stomach. Rally enthusiasm for your hero’s dangerous mission by playing it's pumping synth, bass, strings and drum sounds.