Description: This magical Celtic fantasy,track using traditional European instruments,suitable for the substrate to the historical film

Description: Incredibly beautiful medieval ballad that makes plunge into the magic world of adventure

Description: Fantastic fantasy instrumental track, fully live performance. The track has a Celtic character, there are traditional Irish motifs. The track is not a cover version, this is only the author's work. The track is suitable for sound historical videos, educational programs, and the like.

Description: Dreamland is a song with a band orchestra sound and melodies full of strength and hope.

Description: Emotive piano waltz shackers rhythmic accompaniment.

Description: Instrumental song, full of contrasts, starting with delicate notes full of longing to become something disturbing

Description: Romantic soundtrack with the orchestra strings and piano.

Description: Creepy and foreboding horror atmosphere, that will send shivers down your spine. Starts with attention grabbing bang and slowly builds to a crescendo chord. Perfect for Scream Park attraction commercials, films, promotions and documentary. 30sec soundscape

Description: An adventurous and uplifting orchestral track featuring the whole orchestra and epic percussion. Good for trailers, advertising/commercials, film/tv and games.

Description: An aggressive and energetic hybrid cinematic track featuring fast string ostinatos, synths and epic percussion. Good for trailers, film/tv and games.