Description: A dark, scary, orchestral piece.

Description: A dark, haunting, ambient melody featuring high strings, piano and low menacing brass.

Description: A magical medieval song filled with flutes and instruments from that era. Great for children’s fantasy movies in the style of Disney. Instruments include Persian Ney, Kora, Accordion, finger cymbals, with orchestral backing.

Description: Beautiful big sentimental blockbuster with wonderful epic majestic romantic dramatic feeling. Heroic graceful Hollywood music with strong lovely cinematic emotion . Grand orchestral underscore with alluring strings, piano and brass in slow tempo. ”Cinematic Epic Beauty” is made for use as: breathtaking epic intro, ready to cry, fascinating adventurous movie, cinematic background music, melodramatic video, impressive presentation, slideshow, video game, great marvelous trailer, pompous anime, sensational fantasy, sad epic drama adventure, etc. adventure, appealing, background, big, blockbuster, beautiful, cinematic, cry, drama, dramatic, elegant, emotional, moving, epic, fantasy, grand, heroic, hollywood, intro, magnificent, majestic, melodramatic, movie, orchestral, piano, romantic, sad, sentimental, slow, strings, strong, trailer, video, calm, dreamy, ethereal, positive, proud, peaceful, passionate, optimistic, hopeful, soft, reflective, regal, sensual

Description: Subtle horror track with percussive cinematic elements

Description: Retro spy theme and chase music reminiscent of spy films and tv shows of the 60s and 70s but with a modern twist.

Description: Short sentimental piece meant to invoke tenderness and longing, useful for when loves happens, or to express unrequited love. Starts off slow with a jazzy piano intro then sugary sweet strings kick in to tug at your heart-strings. Reminiscent of the song playing love.

Description: Solo harp plays melancholic 139 second loop with bridge and modulation. Suggested for underscoring of heartfelt narration, scenes of soul searching, solitude, aftermath of tragedy or loss.

Description: Dark thriller, horror movie scene with building suspense.

Description: Creepy horror, suspense sounds resembling ghosts or supernatural forces.