Description: Light and airy with marimba, kalimba, piano, ethnic percussion, (Udo, Djambe, talking drum), and subtle synthesizers. Feels like a walk through the rain forest.

Description: Haunting and reverent tribute to the elders, ancient and modern drums accompany wood flutes and ambient noises

Description: Solo Violin opens, leading to heavy percussion and ominous woodwinds

Description: South American fell a la Motorcycle Diaries

Description: Sentimental and emotional, can be a happy or sad occasion - think heart-strings. Piano, Strings and an Enya vocal track

Description: Scare-your-pants-off suspense music, a la X-files. Piano, Strings and eerie electronics, menacing percussion

Description: Right out of a Sergio Leone film, conjures Clint Eastwood in a particularly foul mood...

Description: solo piano for a film soundtrack, melancholy, moody

Description: Horror flick material, creepy choir with electronica

Description: Frightening intro followed by electronica, guitar FX, and chirpy bat noises

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