Description: A man lost in the desert or feeling alone trying to find his way. Uses some Asian instrumentation.

Description: A film score piece which invokes the pain of losing lost love ones while conveying the joy that their memory leaves behind.

Description: A battle is on the horizon. Prepare for war! A film score track in the style of Hans Zimmer.

Description: A heroic choral and orchestral piece with powerful soaring melodies and intense rhythmic backgrounds.

Description: A beautiful and emotional track that builds into an amazingly gorgeous climax that captures hope for the future while also depicting the struggle passed to get there.

Description: A soaring intro track that is suitable for big scenes of open country, palaces, empires, etc. Utilizes some Chinese instrumentation.

Description: Begins slow and contemplative, but slowly builds to epic proportions. Some things are worth fighting for!

Description: An intense cinematic piece down in the style of Hans Zimmer filled with style twists and turns. Perfect for a battle or cinematic trailer.

Description: An unrelenting attack of mighty percussion and blasting blast with a strong heroic melody that carries the middle section.

Description: High-octane fight music with a slight Japanese feel. Great for any action sequence.

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