Description: Rustic honky-tonk piano and xylophone blend together to create a sense of wooden surroundings or toys. Towards the middle of the track a more modern piano is introduced to add more melody to the piece, very useful for animals, kids or animation projects.

Description: A dramatic array of orchestral strings combined with mysterious piano chord melody creates an edgy crime related track useful for creating suspense and intrigue. Also very useful music to build horror atmospheres and themes.

Description: Slow, sci-fi space technology based track very useful for corporate presentations suggesting cool atmospheres, space exploration and forward movement. Suggested background uses: slow space movement, dead space implying emptiness and darkness, futuristic space movement or motion. All of which become useful for flash projects or company logos or widgets.

Description: Light, traditional tune suggesting childlike dance or fairy twinkles fluttering in a magical way with a hint of mysterious flowing harp and piano cascades, ending in a bright ballet-like crescendo.

Description: Playful instrumental track featuring vibes conjuring up image of an inquisitive baby on a crawl about. The melody features happy characteristics with a sense of adventure making it useful for educational themes.

Description: A dramatic array of guitar strums and edgy piano chords backed with dramatic orchestral strings create a cinematic background track for dramatic film scene. The track suggests a heroic/epic film scene, combining a sense of hope, emotion and determination.

Description: Backing for a medieval-type war scene, with simple bass, militaristic drums and deathly timpani rolls suggesting a grim fate awaits.

Description: A chilling array of violins and strings create a deep eerie atmosphere with elements of metallic synths that suggest fear and darkness lurking. The track builds more dangerous as violins begin to alter in tone, raising and lowering creating a cold crisp environment resulting in an ultimate feel of tension. Occasional Electronic sound effects are applied at certain intervals such as an ear piercing hi pitched whistle noise and breathing voices to amplify the horror and develop an nervous sense of adrenaline.

Description: Comical slide blues guitar and playful flute combine to create a rural, entertaining track designed comical to bring a comical sense of mischief and playfulness with detuned piano.

Description: Romantic yet slightly magical classical English style piece suggesting good-natured mystery or historical yarn, hinting at Edwardian countryside scene. Middle section features gentle flute arpeggios hinting at thoughtful pondering.

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