Description: strings, acoustic guitar, piano, building in intensity, positive sound.

Description: pensive, heartyfellt, yearning strings, warm piano, harmonica, cellos, wind chimes.

Description: Piano, acoustic guitar, strings, confidence invoking

Description: Quirky. eerie, creepy, childlike ambient sounds, bassoon, light percussion, chimes

Description: Quirky, eerie, creepy, ambient sound, "Old MacDonald" with choir, arpeggio piano, light percussion

Description: Cheerful, uplifting groove: acoustic guitar, harp, strings, techno, electronic drums, glockenspiel, bells, synths.

Description: Orchestral, driving percussive beat, medium fast, strings, brass section, building to crescendo ending.

Description: Emotional, heartfelt acoustic guitar & piano, flute

Description: Low dramatic strings, hopeful oboe, tambourine

Description: Sinister strings, cello, percussion, deep rumbling low tones

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