Description: humorous and bumbling orchestral music. great for comic sequences.

Description: sinister orchestral music - very dark, static and suspenseful. excellent for horror or gothic suspense.

Description: rustic, sweetly sad music for english horn, harp, strings, and vibes.

Description: textured dramatic music with busy, powerful climax.

Description: humorous, upbeat rhythmic, orchestral music. strings, piano, marimba, flute, percussion.

Description: epic music rising triumphantly out of a dark opening.

Description: brooding, static, sensuous techno mix. good for science fiction and suspense.

Description: highly textured orchestral action music. noble, epic, tragic.

Description: very dramatic and relentless electronic percussion groove and menacing synthesizer strings. very good for action sequence.

Description: sad, sentimental, romantic msuci for piano and strings.

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