Description: Sounds like a coal fired train scene. Snare, guitar, bass, harmonica and wood train whistle. Excellent for documentary, western or any train set up scene.

Description: Sounds like a foot chase or hurried action. Indigenous drums and percussion make it perfect for natural locations as well as city streets.

Description: Sounds like a wonderous expanse of scenery created by a choir and enveloped by strings.

Description: Sounds like a mirky, foggy scene of slow moving action created by sound swirls and piano.

Description: A simple piano melody that builds with instrumentation and emotion and intensity. Great for a title theme or montage. Feature film or documentary.

Description: Uses cello, Indigenous percussion and vocal wail to create a scene in the Middle East. It is active, but calm and picturesque at the same time.

Description: Sounds like CSI or mystery being unravelled.

Description: Features soothing sounds with a bottom heavy active groove. Urban elements accentuate this stylized sound.

Description: Sounds like dark and evil, as if the listener is watching a dark ceremony that he shouldn't. Other-worldly scary monks enter before the action really takes off.

Description: Creates a scene of confusion, of hallucinations and visions, of Native American scenes on the reservation or in the scenery of the West. Uses indigenous drums and reversed guitars to produce the intense effects.

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