Description: Spaghetti western orchestral theme ,version 1

Description: heroic orchestral film score on an epic adventure, with a strong theme; featuring trumpets, horns, and trombones.

Description: Spaghetti western orchestral theme, version 2 with the alternate version of the Whistling melody.

Description: Super Spy orchestral film music with a strong theme played on 1960s style guitar with a modern edge

Description: americana orchestral film score, with an optimistic, positive energy pushing a strong theme on a backbeat; featuring trumpets & horns.

Description: Orchestral film track suitable under the dialog to add a darker mood and airs of mystery and the unknown, in a subtle manner.

Description: orchestral film score; serious, then spoof of spy films featuring trumpets.

Description: Orchestral epic with a strong theme about the swashbuckling days of old

Description: A Big, Epic, Adventure Orchestral score reminiscent of recent sweeping landscape films with pirates, horses, suits of armor, beautiful women, and real men heroes.

Description: orchestral film score; angelic sweet, sentimental, slightly foreboding, chordal theme, strings and harp.

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