Description: Traditional cartoon music track with Pizzicato, cello, muted trumpet and Piano combine to create a typical cartoon style track which resembles a cartoon character or day to day scene progressing.

Description: Classic horror style piece with chilling piano couplets and nightmarish vocal phrases. Creepy ascending choir passages add to the feel of unease.

Description: Wild West, cartoon style piece combining plucky accoustic guitar and Honky Tonk piano to create stereotypical cowboy gambling environment, useful for cartoon, video game or comedy projects.

Description: Jazz piano jazz-guitar and a funky trumpet creates a slightly contemporary inspirational comedy style melody with lots of fun and happiness. The melody is catchy and very useful for advertising as it holds a feel good style piano melody. Very simple and inspirational catchy jazz which could easily represent a product or advert. Suggested end use: Comedy advert or advertising.

Description: Ominous piano chords with building string accompaniment and military style drums herald dawn of battle.

Description: Theremin sound effect with a slight retro feel suggests a UFO arriving from outer space.

Description: Romantic yet slightly magical classical English style piece suggesting good-natured mystery or historical yarn, hinting at Edwardian countryside scene. Middle section features gentle flute arpeggios hinting at thoughtful pondering.

Description: A short combination of orchestral strings, dramatic drum rolls and deep bass to provide a dramatic end or scene build up.

Description: Dramatic orchestral strings and deep bass instruments immediately create a sense of threat at the start as gradually timpani, glockenspiel and an array of brass instruments combine creating the ultimate dramatic fear atmosphere. Very useful for dramatic horror or tension. Features many alternating dramatic ups and downs which resemble sudden fear to relief, then sudden dramatic fear rising again and again.

Description: Creepy hi pitched strings harpsichord add a great sense of fear at thee start of the track. As the track moves on, wood blocks and low strings are introduced at different levels to imply the journey is getting worse or fear is building more and more heavier.

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