Description: Medium-fast tempo techno dance song, performed on digital synthesizers, in a mysterious mood, suitable for newsflashes, sports, crime documentaries.

Description: Instrumental version of a triumphant, melancholic song, performed on synthesizers simulating orchestrals, blending modern drums patterns and symphonic percussion. The full song with vocals and a soft version are also listed as separate files (look at my portfolio)

Description: Sinister mysterious very slow song performed on synthesizers, bell-style sounds, strings, drums and bass. Suited for crime investigative or tense scenes. Key of Bm

Description: anxious, busy, campy, cautious, chase, cinematic, cold, curious, dance, dancing, danger, dangerous, dark, driving, dynamic, elated, energetic, flowing, frantic, frisky, futuristic, hard, hazard, hectic, jumpy, mechanical, moving, mysterious, odd, repetitive, risque, robotic, sad, scared, sci-fi, scientific, secret, secretive, serious, soaring, somber, space, strange, suspenseful, suspicious, techno, technologic, tension, thriller, trance

Description: A mysterious epic chill out song, blend of synth orchestra, deep bass, digital sequences and an exotic lead synthesizer.

Description: A mysterious midtempo electronic song with the quiet sound effects of a flock of birds at the end of the introduction and at the begining of the second part. In the middle of the song it goes quiet, less intense for a while and then its full instrumental density returns.

Description: instrumental quiet song suitable for sci-fi films; synthezisers, clean guitar riffs and short overdriven.

Description: instrumental; synthesizers; overdrive sustained guitar; synthetic orchestrals like french horns and strings; sequences with delays.