Description: A drum beat starts this song out followed by a melancholy piano. Strings and bass come in to fill the song with a dark mood. Finally, pizzicato strings bring this piece to an end.

Description: Scary song starting with the organ. Pizzacato strings follow the organ with a distant harpsichord. Bells chime in a melody. The ending is a creepy effect. Great horror music.

Description: This song has intense percussion mixed with the piano, bass, and distorted guitar.

Description: This dramatic song begins with a "hoppy" electronic sound mixed with piano and bass. The climax of the song has drums and guitars.

Description: This dark "dreamy" song begins with chimes. Soon after, however, a piano, drums, a choir, some strings, and a cymbal accompany this mysterious and somewhat eerie song.

Description: This scary song starts out with a piano in a minor key. After a few horror effects, the bass, snare and bass drum, and pizzicato strings jump in for the attack. To add to the eeriness, there is a bridge with a harpsichord and strings. The strong ending wraps the song up into one horrific piece.

Description: This is a scary song starting out with a fast-paced piano. Added to this gothic mix are the timpani, "whiny and screaming" strings, bells in the far background, a cello towards the middle of the song, and a piano melody to compliment all the action that is going on. Altogether, the instruments make a very creepy song.

Description: This is a quirky circus-like song starting off with a synthesizer organ and loud bass drum. A polka- beat snare kicks in with a melody made from a synthesizer. The bass creates a well-rounded "fun" song.