Description: A very warmhearted and welcoming song with a loving and caring feel, featuring piano, acoustic guitar and acoustic bass.

Description: A comedic gypsy jazz tune with a Keystone cops feel. Features accordion, marimba, acoustic guitar, flute and acoustic bass.

Description: an exciting samba that leads straight to the dessert cart.

Description: ducks aren't the most orderly creatures and tend to run into each other when they gather. here is a soundtrack for them.

Description: a quirky and happy-go-lucky jazz tune with electric piano, guitar, bass and drums with brushes.

Description: a little bug work music with lower brass, flute, indian sitar, marimba, piano, congas and dobro guitar.

Description: a humorous gypsy jazz tune with accordion, mandolin, guitar, piano and upright bass.

Description: A tender and caring waltz lightly orchestrated with alto flute lead.

Description: a just for fun duet between a tuba and a piccolo with a few finger snaps for time keeping.

Description: a comedic, hopeful yet melancholic march with mandolin, tuba, accordion and drums.

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