Description: Starting off with an intriguing ostinato and growing into a large, epic moment, "Heroic Quest" is a grandiose underscore for you hero. Featuring full orchestra with intense strings, percussion, and male chorus, this cue will provide the musical energy you need for your adventure. This would make a brilliant trailer.

Description: Largely cinematic in design, “Neverland” takes you on an epic orchestral adventure.

Description: Simple, but rhythmically epic, "World Walker" is the quintessential sound of a nomadic journey. This is a contemporary adventure score mixed with a tribal feel - both of which will certainly inspire you to continue pushing forward. Great for an outdoor or travel montage, "World Walker" could even sit well under a motivational corporate presentation.

Description: And epic emotional adventure, "Fountain of Dreams" is an uplifting motivational orchestra piece full of intensity and anticipation. Perfect for large Hollywood style projects, a sport montage, or a grand, sweeping, glorious moment in nature, this composition will inspire your audience.

Description: Gentle and inspiring, "Renew" is a soft piano melody with harp and light strings. Great for sentimental or romantic moments, this music cue will bring a sense of innocent wonder to your project.

Description: Intense and slightly dark, "Tribal Drums" is an active and quick cue for any action or adventure sequence. Perfect for a chase scene as well, this cinematic music will add an urgent sense to your project. With a taste of Africa, this percussion heavy composition will also enhance any project retelling stories from around the world. Easily loopable.

Description: A super-heroic homage an epic style of scoring. Best suited for action\adventure film, this one-minute piece is perfect for an opening title as well.

Description: With piano and strings only, “Sweet Dreams” can a lullaby, a sweet dream, or a dream of your sweetie.. There’s something happy and tender about this soft, endearing moment.

Description: Sentimental and hopeful, "Simple Emotion" is a beautiful piano and strings cue with a little woodwinds placed delicately in the 2nd half for flavor. This calm and peaceful score will add a tender sense of emotion to your project with its pastoral theme.

Description: Touching and sincere, "The Beautiful Heart" is a gentle, sweeping orchestral melody which evolves into the emotional excitement that comes with knowing someone who is truly lovely inside and out.

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