Description: Light-hearted yet slightly wistful piece with French accordion and perky violin and xylophone runs. Builds to cascading finale.

Description: Various strings boast at different levels throughout, rising and lowering with hints of magical chimes and clarinet to create a mysterious, enchanting effect as if a secret island or location had been discovered.

Description: Wild West, cartoon style piece combining plucky accoustic guitar and Honky Tonk piano to create stereotypical cowboy gambling environment, useful for cartoon, video game or comedy projects.

Description: Spiritual relaxing piano melody overlaid with acoustic guitar creating a pleasant spiritual melody suitable for tranquil relaxing end uses. Atmospheric synth effect add a spacious feel to the track which combines nicely with the piano chords. Very useful for spa, massage or health therapy use to help people to chill out and relax.

Description: Rustic honky-tonk piano and xylophone blend together to create a sense of wooden surroundings or toys. Towards the middle of the track a more modern piano is introduced to add more melody to the piece, very useful for animals, kids or animation projects.

Description: Dulcimer strings and sharp Piano phrases combine to create 1970's style Italian mobster style piece.

Description: Theremin sound effect with a slight retro feel suggests a UFO arriving from outer space.

Description: Traditional cartoon music track with Pizzicato, cello, muted trumpet and Piano combine to create a typical cartoon style track which resembles a cartoon character or day to day scene progressing.

Description: An uplifting array of musical instruments including Tuba, xylophone, pizzicato strings, harp rums and piano create a bright playful feel suitable for easter themed projects. The melody was designed to feature many ups and bright elements expressing positivity and joy with simple instrumental bursts throughout. The chimes create a happy and cute edge to the theme, making it ideal for animal theme music or creative video projects to convey a simple impression with lots of colour.

Description: Comical slide blues guitar and playful flute combine to create a rural, entertaining track designed comical to bring a comical sense of mischief and playfulness with detuned piano.

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