Description: Desolate empty floating ambient instrumental.Ideal for space,wilderness,open eerie spaces.Background.

Description: Pulsating distant empty Sci Fi instrumental.Ideal for space travel,empty void landscape.

Description: Haunting eerie sinister background with bell.Ideal sea horror ,space,possibly Dracula.

Description: Retro jazz blues song made to sound like a very old record.Ideal TV drama,radio drama,film drama background.

Description: Eerie ghostly haunting instrumental with wavy effect.Ideal sea,space,possibly Dracula.

Description: Mysterious empty lost ambient instrumental.Space travel.Deep Sea.

Description: A very laid back gentle romantic flute instrumental with piano and strings.Ideal for lonely sad cues,underscore.

Description: This is an eerie sinister haunting seascape piece.Ideal for most haunting scenes including space.Ideal for bringing in-out credits.Slowly fades out.