Description: New epic orchestral intro with choirs, brass and percussion for your presentations, titles, casts etc.

Description: It is soft cinematic music. The basic instruments of that are a piano, guitar and violin. It is well suited for adventure or historical film with a dramatic storyline.

Description: Epic orchestral intro with violas, cello, violin, contrabass, brass and percussion is perfectly suitable to accompany announcements with the adventure or global nature.

Description: Nice sentimental melody played by soft electro guitars, violins, cellos and light bass will bring nostalgia and inspiration to the listener and set him to think. The magical and unstrained motive perfectly approaches for a dramatic or sentimental scenes or final titles in a film, and presence of a sad mood makes this composition ideally compatible to the creativity devoted to cataclysms, global problems and similar ones. Listen in pleasure.

Description: Epic orchestral intro for your projects.

Description: The mystical spirit of a track does it perfectly suitable under a trailer or film advertizing. Also as for me this music associates with a dramatic story about the person running somewhere.

Description: Track is industrial in a basis with smooth electro-guitar solo and the piano. It smoothly pass from strict technological mood in more dramatic.