Description: sad adagio arranged with orchestral strings & piano.

Description: Romantic and sentimental soundtrack featuring classical piano lines, bells, harpsichord, choir, orchestral strings section and a gentle percussion. This music will fit well for love and touching situations, romantic, documentary, cinematic type projects.

Description: Melodic piano that builds into a full orchestral section before going back to the main theme again.

Description: This work tells about the eternal dream of mankind: travel to distant stars and galaxies. How can you use this melody? For a movie or an animated film. For a computer game. For a fashion show with futuristic pretentious models of clothes, shoes and hats. As a musical accompaniment of visual programs in planetariums and observatories. Perhaps for a theatrical performance. For the award ceremony of the winners and/or participants of any event. Part of the film (or video, or animated film), where this melody is most appropriate (as the author thinks): the beginning — as the leitmotif of the prologue. Perhaps you are mr. George Walton Lucas Jr. and you want to make a new fantastic film (but not for the franchise "Star Wars"): in this case this work is for you! (I'm kidding, but every joke contains only a small part of the joke.) The closest style: classical "space" electronic music. Musical instruments: bass guitar, analog synthesizers. Do you need this melody without reverb? Write to me about this. And I'll upload this option specifically for you.

Description: Uptempo orchestral theme with strings and flute melody.

Description: A score inspired by a Lion King like sound :) Fun for anything....Mostly for adventurous themes

Description: A cool synthesizer piece with a light back beat and bass.

Description: This future track is perfect for trailer, video games, films and presentation.

Description: Short upbeat orchestral theme.

Description: A victorious sounding piece...embellished with strings and synth...A great piece for any action sequence..

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