Description: A melodic and modern staccato orchestra track

Description: This is a seamless loop of the celeste part only from Serene Celeste and Strings.

Description: Dramatic orchester sequence with strings und harp

Description: Orchestral loop with triumphant victorious mood.

Description: An orchestral classical track which contains futuristic electronic percussion, snares, bass drum, toms, horns, harps, choirs, special sequence and cello. Suitable for any movie action/thrill scene and many types of production.

Description: Short oriental loop, maybe fitting for a mobile game or slot game. Built up into 3 different parts, which can be used seperately

Description: voice and muted strings in a slow and poignant, sad and nostalgic interlude

Description: Orchestra featuring epic strings, hitting brass and loud hits plays a fast, moving, energetic and dramatic melody. Traditional soundtrack for action scenes in movies, trailers, games. Loops fine.

Description: can be used to enhance sadness, but also hopefulness in a scene.

Description: Inspiring Epic World is a cinematic, orchestral and motivational piece of music. It based on heroic, cinematic orchestra and suits for any kind of inspirational videos about beauty of our world, adverts, epic movie trailers and intros, photo slideshows.

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