Description: Magical and epic, "Mystical Adventure" is a playful yet dramatic piece to underscore any project. The music grows slightly in intensity over the course of its short length, making it an ideal score for travel sequences and montages in action, scifi, fantasy or magic films.

Description: Light and bouncy, "Waterford Waltz" is the airy sound of butterflies flitting about. There is a sense of comedy to this piece - and a slightly mischievous smile will grow across your face as you listen. Happy and care free, this track is great for any intimate outdoor moments or travel montages.

Description: Light, bouncy, and airy, “Butterfly Ballet” is the ever-growing soundtrack to a butterfly’s secret dance and it flutters about. Even if you’re not a nature lover, this fun and quirky track can set the tone for any adventurous or exciting moment.