Description: Under Cloak Of Darkness is a film music cue using full orchestra for war documentaries, war scenes, war movies, battle scenes, action-adventure, and dramatic scenes. Also music for games such as Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, etc.

Description: This dramatic underscore combines a powerful sound with bold energy. The haunting bell melodies are complimented by beautiful flutes, strong strings, and booming timpani to create a track great for dramas, thrillers, film, action, trailer and more.

Description: Motivational orchestral music, perfect for demo reels.

Description: Major Allied Offensive is an orchestral music cue designed for war documentaries and war film scores. Also music for games such as Call Of Duty, Medal Of Honor, Battlefield 1, Star Wars Battlefront, Counter-Strike, etc.

Description: The final installment of the Epic war compositions. what becomes of a war? Peace and comprehension. An almost meditative and epic composition. Deep, contemplative, intense, victorious, emotional, film score, future possibilities, determined, new age acoustic.

Description: Orchestral ensemble soundtrack featuring deep cello, female vocal, violas, brass laced with evocative piano keys and reverberating percussion patterens. Success, struggle, longing, pursuit, emotive, captivating, contemplative, thoughtful, provoking.

Description: Orchestral epic music soundtrack for adventure and fantasy movie trailers. Reverberating oboe, trumpets and cello strings with marching percussion built with a subliminal soundscape. Anticipation, war, marching, battle, film score, game soundtrack, melodic, action, grand, ceremonial, emotive, loyalty, alliances.

Description: An epic piece with a moving buildup, great for a film trailer or presentation.

Description: This is an acoustic inspirational motivational track with cinematic vibes. It features ukulele and acoustic guitar as well as strings and piano. It also has some bells details, and synth melodies throughout the song. It's suitable as background for any project.

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