Description: Inspiring, dreamy piece with piano and strings. Very emotional and loving!

Description: Film score with a semi-epic feel featuring strings and flutes. Possible uses can range from preparation scenes, trailers, etc.

Description: cinematic and magical this orchestral piece is sweet and intense in turns, suspenseful and tender to a crescendo.

Description: Cinematic, Disney-style piece with intricate arrangement. Begins softly, then gradually builds into an inspiring festive finale!

Description: Epic film music with xylophone, drums and symphonic orchestra– majestic, heroic and dramatic film scenery.

Description: Dramatic orchestral music piece with symphonic orchestra, violin solo and trumpet - yearningly, romantic and melancholic. This track is perfect for videos, web projects, films, commercials and movie trailers.

Description: slow, spacious, yearning, emotional piece featuring french horn, piano and strings.

Description: Emotional hollywood strings and piano. Perfect for a moving love scene in a movie or an inspirational video.

Description: Starts with hollywood-styled sad female choral voice. Many sound fx and trailer horn impact similar to inception's trailer song. Epicness meets with sadness. Very intense and heavy. Choir, strings and drum machines. Uplifting structure, professional synths. Ideal for Cinematic Epic Movie Trailers. Instrumental, Action Music, Action Intense Orchestral

Description: Heroic and epic track. Big theme, powerful orchestra for the perfect hero track. Would work great in videogames, trailer, action, epic movie or history documentary