Description: A dark, creepy and menacing orchestral track that conveys a tense mood of mystery, the unknown and fear. A ghostly piano, strings and brass create a mysterious, sinister atmosphere. Great for mystery, horror, supernatural and dramatic trailers, films and video games.

Description: Grand Woods is a cinematic track that showcases a clarinet with big orchestral strings with a somber but grand organic sound.

Description: An understated and ethereal orchestral/hybrid work designed for trailers and other promotional pieces. Builds from beautiful piano melody to soaring climax, and fades to nothing. Emotional, dramatic, and beautiful, this piece is as unforgettable as it is epic.

Description: Epic film music with xylophone, drums and symphonic orchestra– majestic, heroic and dramatic film scenery.

Description: film, movie, dramatic, orchestral, instrumental, folk, rock, soundtrack, classical, battle, dark, epic, patriotic, passionate, mystical, magical, hard, hypnotic, scary, romantic, bassoon, brass, cello, double bass, drums, flute, flutes, horns, oboe, strings, trumpet, violin, pre 15th century, 16th century, 17th century, 18th century, heroic, science fiction, fantasy, hero, heroes, villain, magic, theater, celtic

Description: Inspiring, dreamy piece with piano and strings. Very emotional and loving!

Description: Orchestral theme for a Fantasy setting.

Description: Heavy and dramatic film music. By film composers Jeremy Khawaja and Timothy Joseph Wells.

Description: Downtempo music, performed on orchestra and synths. Background music.