Description: Mysterious and Aggressive cinematic theme. Full of action, energy and moving. Orchestra, cinematic guitar effects and action drums. Great for film, movie trailer and any action cue.

Description: Climactic movie score with a mood of restlessness, turmoil, agitation and upheaval. It starts out with a simple repeating octave piano theme and builds up with the addition of different counter-themes by strings / orchestra. Picture the protagonist having to make a hard and fateful decision while time is running out. Also perfect for documentaries of medieval landscapes, ancient buildings, dramatic weather etc.

Description: Slow paced and hopeful piece featuring orchestra and chorus.

Description: Heroic and epic track. Big theme, powerful orchestra for the perfect hero track. Would work great in videogames, trailer, action, epic movie or history documentary

Description: Orchestra Outro 2 is another elegant orchestra piece with nice sounding strings. The good sound and qualitative execution will give individuality to your work.

Description: A nice light piano and cello piece evolving into a light grooving piece with drums.

Description: low flute starts the piece into an orchestral strings dramatic chords.

Description: Sad sounding strings with light piano. Brings a haunting and lonely mood.

Description: gentle, tender and sweet, a romantic theme or a theme for a tender moment...pure heart-tugging emotion.

Description: Magical and epic, "Mystical Adventure" is a playful yet dramatic piece to underscore any project. The music grows slightly in intensity over the course of its short length, making it an ideal score for travel sequences and montages in action, scifi, fantasy or magic films.