Description: Cinematic Soundtrack. Soft relaxing Hammond sounds surrounded by a string orchestra. Composed for movie, nature film productions and documentaries.

Description: Cinematic Soundtrack. Impressive mechanical drum sounds with piano and brass orchestra surrounded by strings and Hammond organ. Good for movies, documentaries about great construction sites and engineering projects.

Description: Epic Cinematic Orchestral Soundtrack. Haunting strings and choir along with windy noises in the background make a Heavenly Soundtrack. Good for romantic, drama, meditative movie film sequences.

Description: slowly building, dreamy and epic orchestral/cinematic track with acoustic guitar, strings, french horn, woodwinds, piano and percussion

Description: Heroic brass instrumentation and war style drums combine to make a legendary battle style theme. The theme itself contains elements of hope and glory, which conveys a glorifying edge.

Description: Symphonic orchestral sound, powerful and dynamic, great for heroic action, tension epic, confrontational, battlescene, adventures. Also good for tension mystery and crime in progress, or epic sport challenge. Building structure and breaks; music theme not invasive and solid orchestration Available in many versions: main / no lead melodies / 75sec / 60sec / 30sec / bumper / stinger. Action, Adventure, Epic, Chase, Army, Trailer, Videogames, sports, racing, running, impact.

Description: Memorable melancholy track w/ classical elements that exudes both happy & sad moods depending on the scene; Use for romance, passion, gratitude, joy or sad news, separation, death, & hurt in romantic epics, love stories, military homecomings, family reunions, Disney animations, fantasies, war docs. Instrumental, Dramatic, Romantic Music

Description: A story of an army preparing for battle and saying goodbye to loved ones

Description: Brave historical orchestral music from game strategy. Good for discovery and ancient show.

Description: Public celebration positive bright orchestral music.