Description: Can you see a lady standing on the cliff? She is waiting for her man, who has been taken to the war... She is waiting for that ship with her love inside. But he never came back. Till this day, she is still waiting.

Description: Imagine of a fallen angel that regains his power and rises to the sky... That epic moment when he fully opens his wings...

Description: Orchestral logo/opener with a grandiose, fascinating and thought-inspiring feeling! Perfect for movie intros, game intros, presentations, trailers, kickstarters - you name it - to give them a magical, creative atmosphere and a sense of adventure.

Description: Epic cinematic orchestral film score. Mysterious flute melody combined with dark strings, heavy brass, woodwinds and percussion. Prepare for the war with victorious ending!

Description: Magical and epic, "Mystical Adventure" is a playful yet dramatic piece to underscore any project. The music grows slightly in intensity over the course of its short length, making it an ideal score for travel sequences and montages in action, scifi, fantasy or magic films.

Description: Dramatic orchestral music piece with symphonic orchestra, violin solo and trumpet - yearningly, romantic and melancholic. This track is perfect for videos, web projects, films, commercials and movie trailers.

Description: A beautiful, romantic orchestral piece with a classic film score feel. Great for emotional, loving scene. Performed on grand piano, cor anglais and strings.

Description: Magical Disney-style orchestral piece with innocent childish quality.

Description: Delicate, sentimental piece with beautiful piano melody and lush strings.

Description: Cinematic, Disney-style piece with intricate arrangement. Begins softly, then gradually builds into an inspiring festive finale!