Description: Downtempo music, performed on orchestra and synths. Background music.

Description: Ambient soundscape for piano, strings, and electronic percussion. Perfect for projects that need a feeling of dramatic longing or nostalgia. Featuring a little bit less than 6 minutes of beautiful underscore capable of emphasizing emotion or simply remaining in the background, this unobtrusive cue gives you and your editors enormous flexibility to fade in or out, is loopable with careful editing, and has a definitive ending if your project needs a feeling of completion.

Description: an interesting piece that divulges into beauty and ends on utter heroism. by film composers jeremy khawaja and timothy joseph wells.

Description: Epic trailer track with many orchestral instruments such as ethnic voice, brass, strings, flute and heavy drums, mixed with electronic synths. Epic staccato choir at the end, increases in loudness and intensity. Brings you the feeling of victory, glory and bravery in battle and in life. Instrumental, Action, Intense Orchestral

Description: dramatic and smooth orchestra with mild strings

Description: Sentimental touching piano w/light orchestra

Description: Sombre and lonely piece with delicate string arrangement

Description: Expanding Orchestral Textures