Description: Elegant & delicate orchestral piece with magical, cinematic atmosphere.

Description: Angelic, magical orchestral piece with Hollywood film score feel.

Description: A charming, delicate orchestral piece with a cute child-like cinematic feel.

Description: Quirky Disney-style orchestral track with magical childish feel.

Description: Delicate, sentimental piece with beautiful piano melody and lush strings.

Description: This cinematic, orchestral piece of music is inspiring and motivational. It based on heroic, cinematic orchestra and suits for any kind of inspirational videos about beauty of our world, adverts, epic movie trailers, intros and some social projects, photo slide shows etc.

Description: Whimsical fairytale music featuring harp, strings and celesta.

Description: Two Hearts 60sec is a shorter version of full soundtrack. Instrumentation consists of piano, cello, contrabass and violin ensemble. I hope, that the feelings caused by my music will meet your expectations.

Description: Epic, cinematic, heroic trailer, action, track with dramatic, powerful emotional in orchestra with musical instruments strings, percussion, brass, drums, piano, choir.

Description: Uplifting strings, hopeful theme, dream sequence, harp, beautiful, pretty, majestic