Description: Underscore track for intrigue, crime, conspiracy and troubled times. This film soundtrack style track has both a dark and a light side, with a strong foreboding sense of impending conflict. underwater,

Description: Sweet, emotional with beautiful piano and string melodies that will stay in your head. With a child-like music box intro and lush orchestration, this gorgeous piece has a soft, innocent lullaby feel of love and tenderness. Great for infant care promos, advertisements and scenes of love.

Description: A short emotional piano based track with choir and flute sections.

Description: Acoustic Guitar, Airy, Easy Rhythm

Description: A drone space ambient music with soundscape.

Description: This athletic arpeggio features chorused piano, inspired voices, bass, and drums. The slight slowing at the end can suggest either an exhausted victory or a last-second disappointment.

Description: a small emotional theme looped, for repeatable use continuously in any media project.

Description: light and simple at first, it builds up a rhythmic and complex arrangement, only to fall back to simple and light.

Description: pensive ambient underscore. delicate piano with organic textures.

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