Description: Slow, thoughtful, ethereal, melancholic and passionate. Slightly surreal orchestration marrying piano with synth textures. Great for human emotions, investigation, documentary. Main mix, 60sec A, 60sec B, 30sec and 15sec versions

Description: Underscore track for intrigue, crime, conspiracy and troubled times. This film soundtrack style track has both a dark and a light side, with a strong foreboding sense of impending conflict. underwater,

Description: Haunting pianos and strings with delicate atmospheres and mournful synth sounds make this emotive piece perfect for Tv, Film, Advertising, Web etc

Description: A Peaceful Day is a slow calm and relaxing chillout track,,with a smooth and gentle piano with a warm and inviting atmosphere, ideal for background music to video or slideshow

Description: Piano, acoustic guitar, strings, confidence invoking

Description: sad mood played by acoustic guitar and piano with strings underlay

Description: Bicycle Rhythm with Bell, Derailer Shifts & Hi Speed Passes

Description: Guitar Oriented Easy Listening Track. Melancholy Melody Line.

Description: This electronic music uses a really cool combinations of synths to create a progressive and innovative sound. The plucky synth melodies dance over soft bells, piano, bass and light percussion to create a track perfect for travel, television, animation, children and more.

Description: This New Age Contemporary / Dramatic track is comprised of various elements of diversity of genre, an eclectic mix of electric and acoustic instrumentation, Strings, Electric Guitar, Synth and Tubular Bells, Energetic yet Beautiful. Corporate, Sports, Film and Television, Forensic TV, Heroic.

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