Description: Strong and positive indie pop rock track with a soaring lead guitar melody. Slightly pensive and melancholic, yet energetic and determined, this could fit well with projects looking for an emotional edge

Description: Super smoking downbeat track with a very cool and elegant vibe. Deep and earthy, yet detached and flying - your perfect tune for any project in need of super stylish music.

Description: sit back and relax. For guitar lover

Description: A trip hi above the ground, seeing remarkable scenery

Description: Energetic glamorous groovy happy dance electronic achievement bright every day cheerful/happy confident dreamy driving easy elegant playful peaceful positive optimistic magical light joyful motivational inspirational uplifting instrumental dance music trance.

Description: Somber and reflective New Age-style piece featuring piano and background strings. A driving and relentless bass keep the enery flowing.

Description: This contemporary film score combines a haunting vibe with a uniquely mystical melody. The exotic bell melodies combine to create a fusion of sounds that scream with emotion as the bass and drums add the drama. This music is perfect for television, film, documentaries, and more.

Description: A peaceful reflective guitar piece with beautiful female vocals that builds into uptempo moods that moves into a strong, uplifting and powerful melody.

Description: A driving guitar piece, with an uptempo introduction that moves into a strong, uplifting and powerful melody that builds to climax.

Description: Great background track for Crime and Law, Espionage, Murder Mystery, Military, Dangerous CSI style projects. Easy simple and relaxed this medium to slow tempo bed creates plenty of intrigue and suspense. Double Bass, Tuba, Strings and Bells combine to creative a really catchy track of music. Instrumental, Dangerous Music, Dangerous Ambient Soundscape