Description: soundtrack fantasy, middleage, film

Description: Joyful light Asian flavored composition with traditional overtones that feature wooden flute and a nice blend of modern electric piano, synth, and mellow drums to keep the flow of the track delightful and spirited. Great track for Documentaries, Cable weather and news programming, World music. Instrumental, Chinese Music, Chinese Dramatic | Happy

Description: An epic melancholy cinematic masterpiece that followed by choirs, brass, harps, cello, strings, piano, percussion, mallets. Fits with many types of epic cinematic projects and production

Description: A frostily modern classical masterpiece following pacified harps, fiesty french horns, trombones, military drum layer, fiesty violins, pizzicato strings, flutes, brittle marimba and wicked trumpets. Fits with all types of projects especially film-noir piece.

Description: A beautiful and haunting track followed by piano, harps, female choirs, flutes, oboe, brass, trumpet, strings, accordion and beats. Fits with all types of epic/action thrill production.

Description: "Follow The Light" is a very atmosphere and ambient soundscape texture track,light and intimate,starts with Electric Piano seq effect and grow slowly, with a variety of changing synths and sound effects moving quitely in the background. Great for so many video projects , This track will not take too much attention and will support your visual content with a light and airy mood.

Description: A laid-back and relaxing electronic track, with smooth grooves, lush pads and beautiful melody. Suitable as a background music for various projects like games or movies.

Description: “The Dark Side Ver I” is an ambient electronica relaxing track,Features a beautiful arrangement of synthesizer strings, pads, This music lifts the listener into a realm of beauty and emotion.

Description: "Childhood Memories Song" is a romantic and Emotional track