Description: Classical guitar instrumentals

Description: Insturmental music made for piano solo. The style is very near to acoustic ambient and new age music. The mood is calm and relaxed, and the play is plenty of dynamics and sentimental expression. This music fits very well for spiritual and relaxing topics, as a background and soundtrack.

Description: Asian cinematic solo flute music. The spirit of the desert and mountains in this ambient space melody. Ethnic meditative film music.

Description: Sacral spiritual mystic new age oriental music track wit a flavour of indian trance tradition.

Description: Romantic music for video about travel and nature

Description: Upbeat, High Energy, Epic, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Pop, Rap, Rapper, Hip Hop, New School, Happy, Fun, Teen, Feel good, club, Dance, DJ, MC, Movie Credits, End Credits, How to, chill, smooth, laid back, Synth Keys, Bass, Guitars, Lead Synth, Strings, Percussion, TV Cue, Score, TV, Film, Radio, Video Game, Youtube, Movie, Soundtrack, Instrumental, Background, Music, Beat, Track.

Description: rhythmic opening to expansive Oriental theme. Contemporary feel with tradtional elements. Perfect for travelogue, documentary, historic, in fact anything Oriental.

Description: A calm piece of music perfect for meditation, yoga, spa, massage, salons, relaxing and spiritual sessions, geographic, atmospheric films and videos, landscapes, soundscapes, fantasy, romantic and sensual background, new age, etc.

Description: Introspective nature journey, primitive, world beat

Description: Introspective nature journey, primitive, world beat