Description: An inspiring and peaceful solo piano track. Perfect choice for romantic videos, documentary series, inspirational projects, photo slideshows and more… I added versions (30s, 60s, loop bumper and stinger) for your convenience (see my portfolio).

Description: A celestial journey into space and the unknown, science, other worldly, synthesizers, ambiance, New Age, Nature

Description: Guitar and rhythm, nature sfx, gentle, soft, lulling, reassuring, delicate, dark, sad, slow, steady, New Age

Description: Renewal, uplifting, reassuring, renewed growth, meadow plants and animals, hopeful,green shoots, naturesque, wistful, melodic, quiet, solitude

Description: Atmospheric, transparent, mystical and mysterious jingle / ident. Chemical pads, low background, fm sine synthesizer, futuristic glitch percussion loops, synth arpeggiators saturated with space and air. Can be used as a jingle, background , stinger, ringtone, opener, ident.

Description: A gentle and dreamy instrumental theme in the genre of electronic ambient, played with a plucked staccato synthesizer echoing in a big space; well-suited for visual scenarios where change and movement is looked upon from a pensive distance as an interplay of smoky shapes, endlessly spinning, meandering, undulating.

Description: This is track 3 from my special Freebeats collection. Cool multi-genre party loop with various overtones and glitches

Description: Reflective, contemplative transition with piano, light strings and bells

Description: Gentle closer, introspective, contemplative, new age, work part