Description: Piano, synthesizers and percussion combine for a dark, moody arrangement in 93 second loop suggested to underscore scenes of turmoil, espionage, danger and escape.

Description: Synthesizers, electric pianos, electric guitar and drums combine in 102 second loop for a moody arrangement suggested to underscore scenes of mystery.

Description: Pianos, synths and percussion combine for moody, melancholic arrangement in 115 second loop suggested to underscore dramatic film sequences.

Description: Laid-back arrangement of piano, electric piano, acoustic guitars, bass, drums and strings in 112 second loop suggested to underscore scenes of contemplation.

Description: Upright bass accompanied by vibes and drums play tentative, jazz-inspired 109 second looped arrangement suggested for scenes of mystery.

Description: Solo piano plays sentimental 96 second loop combining simple motifs with close harmony.

Description: Piano, upright bass and percussion combine jazz flavored patterns in 72 second loop suggested to underscore chase sequences.

Description: Chamber music style harpsichord composition with French horn, woodwinds, cello and percussion in 61 second loop suggested for patriotic scenes and military ceremonies.

Description: Solo stride piano in 77 second loop inspired by piano roll style, suggested for nostalgic scenes.

Description: Piano, strings and light percussion play slow emotional A/B patterns in 72 second loop.

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