Description: Epic and inspired atmosphere in this loop (length 1:52), whit a development that leads from the gentle mood of the begin to the central part highly cinematic. Classical instruments and incisive percussions, with the addition of a mellow digital synth and powerful choirs for your projects

Description: Sweet and romantic looped track that recalls the dreamy atmosphere of japanese anime. Piano protagonist,softly accompanied by strings, flue and oboe.

Description: An exciting looped track, irish folk style, full of color and passion, with the typical sound of the bagpipes and the violin in the foreground, accompanied by a powerful and incessant rhythm. Strongly cinematic, perfect soundtrack for movies and documentaries.

Description: Gloomy and dramatic atmosphere , supported by a relentless rhythmic base. The harmonic structure classically baroque is expressed in a modern blend of acoustic, electric and electronic instruments. Ideal for video and multimedia projects that require a tense and dark ambience.

Description: Romanticism and instrumental sweetness in this intimate looped track, extremely elegant and considerable for melodic impact. A gentle rhythm of drums accompanies the piano in the foreground and the counterpoint of the strings.

Description: Looped track full of poignant intimacy and sensitive sweetness, in a delicate interweaving between the piano and the strings.

Description: Complex loop, animated by pulsations of electric bass and percussions. Melancholy, intimacy and vitality magically mixed to create a unique atmosphere. The instrumentation provides synthesizers, percussion, a powerful electric bass, acoustic and electric guitars, an angelic reverberated female choir.

Description: Childish and amazing long loop, festive and Christmas mood. Rich instrumentation, piano and violin leads engaged in a magic dialogue.

Description: Magical ambience, full of waiting and childlike wonder, highly cinematic. In the orchestral texture stand out the bells, piano, flute and violin. Conceived for Christmas, this loop is quite suitable also for delicate video and background.

Description: Epic and powerful looped track. Full orchestra and mixed choir to draw a dark and dramatic ambience. Magnificent soundtrack, perfectly suitable for video games menu page and videos.

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